We are Churches of Christ.  Churches of Christ have existed as a movement for over 200 years. As a movement we believe that there are things that we can better do together than we can do by ourselves.  Therefore we affiliate ourselves with a wider group of churches around our State, Australia and the world.

For Churches of Christ in Queensland, our identity, existence and purpose as an organisation is found in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures. As well as mainstream Christian churches we work with a range of care and community services, foster care, housing and aged care as well as child care.

While Churches of Christ in Queensland does not have a set creed or written statement of faith, the following principles have been foundational to the movement since the beginnings. This doesn’t cover everything but may give you an idea of what we stand for.


We acknowledge Jesus as the only head of the church

We aim to be not the only Christians, but Christians only

We use the New Testament as the only rule of faith and practice, not man-made creeds

We promote the rights to private judgment, liberty of conscience and mutual responsibility

We think that faith is available to anyone who chooses to believe

We practise believers’ baptism

We observe the Lord’s Supper weekly

All who love the Lord are welcome at the Lord’s table

We practice the priesthood of all believers

We work towards the union of all followers of Christ so that the world will believe.