Seip Darryl (1)

Darryl Seip (Senior Pastor)

Hi, I’m Darryl  and I’m Senior Pastor and an Elder. I have been married to Bonnie for 31 years,  who works for Churches of Christ in Qld.  We have 3 children: Jocelyn, studying in Melbourne, Brittany and  Nathaniel.

I love sport (watching not playing anymore). I have a varied taste in music from Abba to the Killers to musical theatre.  (Wicked and Les Miserables)
I have a Bachelor of Theology from Sydney College of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Practical Ministry from Cincinnati Bible Seminary.
My role is a varied one.  I cover the bulk of the Preaching and Teaching as well as a general oversight of the church.  I represent the church at Citizenship Ceremonies, officiate at weddings and funerals and lots of other stuff. I love the Church and Jesus and have been in Ipswich for 21 years and count it as a real privilege to serve God and His people.


Wendy Turnour (Church Comm & Development Pastor)_MG_8691

Hi, I’m Wendy and I’m the Pastor of Church Community Development (part-time). The role means being involved in a range of things, all directed at spiritual nurture, care, and growth within our Whitehill Church Community, as well as engaging with the wider Ipswich community, including Churches of Christ Care clients and facilities. I love the role, and am passionate about the integration of the Christian faith into everyday life. To this end also, when not working at Whitehill, I am working on a post-graduate degree on Christian Discipleship at UQ.
I am married to Matthew and we have 4 children (no grandchildren yet…): Elizabeth is married and living in Melbourne, Benjamin is married and living in London, Victoria is married and living in Springfield Lakes, while Christina is still living at home and continuing her studies. My favourite hobbies are lap swimming, walking on the beach, cake decorating, and listening to classical music.


Paul Hicks (Associate Pastor)_MG_8696

Hi, my name is Paul Hicks and I am the Associate Pastor at Whitehill Church of Christ (part-time).  I am married to Leanne and have 2 children, Callum and Melita. I grew up in Toowoomba, where from the age of 13 I attended the Margaret St Church of Christ that is now known as Humeridge Church of Christ.   I have 2 sisters, one of which lives in Ipswich and a mid-wife and the other, Sue,  currently lives in the Solomon Islands with her husband Frank and children. My immediate family is quite sporty, well at least our children are and we (Leanne and I) for the last couple of years have being traversing all over the country side following them.
I recently completed Bible College of two years full time study and completed my Diploma of Ministry. During this time we also ran Oztag in Ipswich. We started Oztag with 7 teams and  have grown the local competition in our last season to about 50 teams consisting of ages from 5 to 50.  This has being a challenging time but also very rewarding as we have felt it has being a great witness to our community.
I share the preaching here at Whitehill and oversee the welcoming and new comers to our Church. I would love to meet you and have a chat.


Julie Baldwin (Worship Pastor)_MG_8689

Hi my name is Julie and I’m the Pastor for Communications and Worship (part time). I love music and have always been involved in singing, playing or teaching. I have a degree in music education and taught music in the classroom and privately for many years. I have a passion for seeing people connect with God through music and worship and my role is create services at Whitehill that help us to do that. In my role I also do a lot of the planning for Whitehill of what our Church calendar and programming looks like. I also am a leader in our Young Adults ministry where I am passionate about seeing Young Adults understand and own their faith and grow in it.
I am a single mum and have 2 great kids: Rachel, married to Andy and Matthew. Rachel teaches at a local Primary school and Matt is working in HR in Sydney.
As for me I love having cups of tea and chatting to people, reading, painting and craft and going to the theatre or a show.


Ben Kulp (Youth and Young Adults Pastor and Child Safe Co-Ordinator)_MG_8701

I’m Ben and I look after the Youth and Young Adults as well as Coordinate ChildSafe at Whitehill. I graduated from Westside Christian College and went straight into university completing a Bachelor of Engineering at QUT. After being involved in a number of Christian camps and attending Whitehill during my uni years I was called by God to serve in our youth ministry – Whitehill Youth. I have now been working at Whitehill for 4 years and so thankful for the opportunity to serve God and the young people of Ipswich every day.
I am currently studying at Australian College of Ministries (ACOM), directing GENTS camps and Schoolies Whitsundays with SU QLD, as well working with a Pais team based at Whitehill.
When I’m not at Whitehill my next favourite things to do are spend time with friends, explore the outdoors, swimming, cycling, bass guitar and listening to music.


Denelle Rosenberg (Childrens Pastor)_MG_8693

Hi I’m Denelle and I’m Children’s Pastor(part time) and also a primary school chaplain for SU Qld at Mutdapilly State School. I have been involved in the development and education of children for many years through my various jobs which have included working in the education system as well as a music therapist. I believe that God has used all of these experiences to help me get where I am today. I have a passion for sharing the gospel with the youngest people of our community.
I have been married to Ian for the past 20 years and we have two sons, Karl and Joel. My boys are the best around (according to me anyway). My family love being a part of the Whitehill family, love their God and enjoy participating and serving in groups here.
As for myself, when I am not working I love planning our family holidays, exploring Australia in our caravan, reading and cooking.


Merryl Klos (Administration Assistant)_MG_8687

Hello my name is Merryl Klos and I am the Administration Assistant at Whitehill (4 days per week).  I love being involved in the admin side of Whitehill and with this I am able to support all staff, Whitehill groups and individuals in their work for the Lord. I have been involved in admin work with Whitehill/ East Ipswich church for the past 28 years commencing from 6 hours a week to 26 hours a week as the demand and needs grew in the life of the church.
I am married to Bruno Klos and have 3 adult children Tennille, Mitchell and Jarred.  I am a very proud nana to Aria, daughter of Mitchell and Emma.  My family mean the world to me.  I am very fortunate that my children live and work in the Ipswich area and are able to worship and be involved in Whitehill.
Some other interests I have are reading, attending live theatre and scrapbooking.




Rachel Rossow (Cleaner)_MG_8697

Hi I’m Rachel and I am employed 6 hours a week to keep our Whitehill facilities looking schmick. I am married to Jeff and we have 3 beautiful children Arabella, Jack and Eleanor.